23 Inexpensive DIY Projects You Need To Do This Summer

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It’s Summer, and that bug to build and improve the home is likely hitting a good number of folks. With all of the DIY options out there, how is one to choose what to put their time and resources into? We outlined 23 of the top DIYs for relatively easy and inexpensive upgrades to the home. Enjoy!

1. Make your succulents extra happy by using vintage wine bottles for homes.

2. Globe lights from IKEA can be a bit boring. All it takes is creativity and some paper to make them more exciting.

3. *Mary Poppins Song* “Just a spoonful of tea light helps the anxiety go down.”

4. Have an old rake? Don’t throw it out. Let it continue to serve you in the kitchen.

5. Again, why discard an old ladder when you can repurpose one as a wine rack?

6. If you thought spoons were a great way to present tea lights, these easy DIY plaster flowers take it to another level!

7. This old wine barrel section can become a beautiful vintage frame around your mirror.

8. With the right color paint, an extra piece of PVC pipe can holster your hair tools.

9. Tangled cords making a mess under the sink? A few PVC pipes on the inside of your cabinet door will solve the problem.

10. You know those really cool pallet planters you see all over the web? Here’s how to make one yourself.

11. Give your blank wall a Moroccan touch with this wall stenciling DIY.

12. Bring a spicy warm glow to your home with cinnamon stick candelabras.

13. Another amazing item made from wood pallets! This stylish coffee table is quite a tribute to the growing world of wood pallet DIYs. But seriously, I’m waiting for the day an entire mansion is made of wood pallets.

14. Great way to repurpose baby food jars into classy flower holders.

15. Keep a sandy mess to a minimum with this super clever, easy to build DIY covered sandbox.

16. These snazzy, roll out toy holders will fit perfectly under most beds.

17. Now that’s a DIY table design you don’t see every day.

18. These driftwood candle holders would bring a stylish touch to any home.

19. With a little paint and ingenuity, used glass bottles can be used to enhance a room.

20. With a little bit of paint and the right arrangement, you can turn regular cinder blocks into stylish plant holders.

21. There are simply too many cool ways to display plants on wood pallets that we can’t pass up.

22. Nothing says you love your family like going through the “pane and effort” it takes to frame their pictures on windows.

23. Because you can never have enough chic wine racks.

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