24 Mini Makeovers You Can Do To Your Home This Weekend

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Need to get your home spruced up but don’t have time or perhaps cash for a renovation? No worries, you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. Here’s a list of DIYs with relatively cheap and easy upgrade ideas. From curb appeal to paradise kitchen islands, you can now give your home the makeover it deserves.

1. Draw a bead on your ultimate kitchen cabinet design with this beadboard DIY.

2. Perhaps you’ll need to freshen them up even further with a paint job too. Here’s a DIY for just that.

3. Do your brass drawer pull handles look like they’ve weathered a decade of acid rain? Believe it or not, a 10 second soak in brass ager will bring some beauty back in short order.

4. Let’s face it. Sometimes you just want to feel like you were born in a barn. Here’s a tutorial for turning any door into a sliding barn like door, without welding. This DIY is handy too.

5. Desiring a kitchen island? Bet you haven’t heard of using upcycling old dresser for the job! You can do it like this

Or perhaps like this.

6. Need a quick and easy DIY to enhance the floor in any room? This DIY uses peel-and-stick vinyl flooring to do just that.

7. Paint, stencil, and seal are the three steps to bringing old bathroom tile to life.

8. Do you have an old home with ugly shower tiles? You can DIY them back to glory with a tile and tub painting kit.

9. Up your bathroom wall’s game with a little beadboard.

10. With this DIY it’s a breeze to take that light fixture from dreary to dreamy using metallic paint and new bulbs.

11. Tired of your AC vent looking like something from a run down Detroit school building? Use some aluminum sheeting to make a cover worthy of your home.

12. Ikea’s $67.99 Billy shelves are a cheap and effective way to build a bookcase to your taste.

13. You can also use Billy shelves for closet modification.

14. Tile isn’t all you can stencil accents on. Fancy up your wall with this DIY. You can find some high quality stencils here.

15. Are you sick of those “boob lights?” If your ceiling is tall enough, you can give the light a skirt instead. If you don’t know electrical work, you should likely hire a professional instead.

16. That ceiling fan isn’t getting any younger. How about a little paint makeover? It’s about as close as fan “wrinkle remover” as you can get. Here’s the deets.

17. Every good country house needs a pleasant mudroom. All it takes is a bench, a rustic shelf, some well placed hooks, and a little know how. The finishing decor is icing on the cake.

18. Has your stair railing seen a few too many hands? You can show it some gratitude with a little gel stain and paint. It’s like a railing manicure, or railicure… some kind of cure.

19. Don’t forget about those hard worked stair steps! Sometimes all you need is a stylish custom runner to ensure the integrity of both your stairs, and the steps you take upon them. Here are some “step by step” instructions.

20. A door’s function may be simple, but the look doesn’t have to be. With some plywood, paint, and the right DIY all sorts of door styles are at your disposal.

21. See that gorgeous house number backdrop? That was created from stained paint stirrers. Amazing, huh?

22. Gel stain can take your garage door from faded metallic drab to wood stain fab. DIY it up!

23. If you want an easily built and stylish firepit, you can use heat resistant stones and a little know how. Should run you less than $40.

24. Don’t want to spend money on an expensive patio? Secure your seating area on the cheap with concrete pavers and river rocks. While there isn’t a DIY, you can see more photos here to help you get the idea.

H/T: buzzfeed.com

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