24 Tiny Bathroom Ideas That Are Big On Storage And Style

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As anyone who has ever purchased an older home knows, small bathroom spaces come with their own unique set of challenges. First is storage. There are a lot of things that need to be stored and used in a bathroom. Second is style. You want your space, though small, to seem bright and airy. So how do you make sure you’ve got the storage you need, while also having the style you crave?

Here are 24 great tips to make that tiny space seem larger-than-life, and store everything you need at your fingertips!

1. Easy on the clutter.

The quickest way to have your small space seem smaller is to have a lot of clutter hanging around. One or two personal pieces is the limit, and place them on a decorative plate or tray for a cute little display that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

2. Be selective with your vanity.

When deciding on the type and size of cabinetry, keep in mind your unique needs for the space. Is it a main bath that will get a lot of use? Or a bathroom that will only see guests a few times a month? This will guide you to choosing a vanity with the right amount of storage.

3. Try a wall-mounted faucet!

A faucet extending directly from the wall saves you a few inches that you can use for a narrower sink. It may not seem like much, but every inch in your small space adds up! A plus is that a wall-mounted faucet looks very unique and different.

4. Free up your floors.

A clean floor line will make your room look as if it has more space. A pedestal sink is perfect for this purpose, and pedestals come in a wide variety of styles from modern to rustic.

5. Scale the pattern to fit the feeling.

It may seem counter intuitive, but utilizing a large-scale pattern in a small bathroom can trick your eyes into seeing more space than is actually there. The bath will feel as if it is roomier than it really is, and a large-scale pattern gives myriad design options!

6. Utilize the door for towels.

Both the back or the front of a bathroom door can be used and will allow at least one towel to be available even when space is at a premium.

7. Bare wall spaces are prime for shelving.

Utilize wall space for shelving – especially in high spaces. By going vertical with shelves, you expand your storage space without taking up room that is used by furniture or people in the bathroom. High shelves also draw the eye upwards, which makes the room feel larger. Don’t forget to put a ceiling-mounted shelf right above the door, too!

8. A great place for an additional medicine cabinet is…

Anywhere there’s wall space in your tiny bathroom! Install one above the toilet or on an adjacent wall for additional storage that doesn’t take up floor space.

9. Work with the space under your sink.

If you have a wall-mounted sink, utilize the area under it for storage, and style! Use decorative baskets, crates, or shelves to store makeup and hair products and keep them easily accessed.

10. If all else fails, the door isn’t too far away.

If your bathroom space isn’t usable for any storage, consider the space just outside the door. Will a narrow armoire fit there? That’s a great place to store extra toilet tissue, toothpaste, makeup, body products, and towels that isn’t too far out of reach.

11. Lighting in a small bathroom is super important!

Use lights that create a clear, bright and natural light, and the room will seem larger. Eliminate shadows as much as possible with your lighting.

12. Coordinate your paint job.

Monochromatic paint keeps everything looking styling and cohesive. A single color, or two or three very close variations of color in a small space looks elegant and well thought out.

13. “Honey, I shrunk the sink.”

Purchase scaled-down versions of sinks and other appliances. Make the appliances fit the room size and the room will appear larger!

14. Think about the corners.

By installing a corner sink, you’ll utilize an area that would normally be dead space, and you’ll keep the floor even more open.

15. Does that shower curtain feel confining?

Opt for a clear shower curtain rather than a printed one, or a shower door. If a crystal-clear shower curtain doesn’t fit your design aesthetic, go with something at least semi-transparent.

16. Consider glass shelving.

Glass shelves give you storage space without darkening the room, or making it feel cluttered with shelving. Since light travels through the glass, you don’t have to worry about shadows and dark spaces.

17. Get fancy with your accessories.

Take advantage of the small space by going “big” with higher-end accessory pieces. The focus will then be on these gorgeous pieces instead of the size of the room.

18. Don’t let the door hit you.

If a traditional door is taking up space in your tiny bathroom, and you have the area to do so, remove the swinging door and add a pocket door. This is a great way to add inches to a small bathroom while still preserving privacy when needed.

19. More mirrors.

Mirrors will never go out of style when it comes to opening up a room. A well placed mirror, or a wall of mirror tiles, can make your small bathroom look doubly big and bright!

20. Go curvy.

Try a rounded vanity instead of 90 degree angles. This creates a lovely flow within a small room, saves space, and is easier on your hips, too!

21. There’s room above the toilet tank.

If your toilet is next to your sink, customize your counter so that it extends from your sink over your toilet tank. This creates a clean, streamlined look, and gives room for a few items on the counter top. Just make sure the counter top is removable in case you need to do some plumbing.

22. Coordinate the vanity color.

Sometimes you need the storage of a traditional vanity. If this is the case in your bathroom, keep the vanity close in color to the walls so that the eye doesn’t detect any abrupt breaks in the space.

23. There’s space under a pedestal sink.

If you don’t need a traditional vanity, and opt for a pedestal sink, choose a style with an open shelf underneath. Extra storage in an area that wouldn’t normally be utilized!

24. Get the sink or vanity off of the floor.

Wall-mounted sinks and vanities keep everything up off the floor, opening up the room. That space underneath can always be used for additional storage by buying pretty baskets that fit the space.

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