25 Creative DIY Furniture Hacks You Should Start Right Now

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Ah the feeling of buying a new home. There’s nothing quite like finally having a place to call your own and do with what you want. Unfortunately, buying a new home often means having far less cash on hand to buy furniture and make the upgrades you would like for your ideal nest. Here are some great DIYs to help you get a jump on what your homestead heart desires through repurposing furniture you no longer need, or find on the cheap…

1. This DIY can help you turn that random garage sale cabinet into a brilliant kitchen stand.

2. Take those metal chair bases from stools or old metal chairs and place some round pieces of cut logs to create snazzy accent tables.

3. Have an old dresser that just doesn’t make the cut for your new home? You can turn that eyesore into a gorgeous bench with this handy DIY.

4. You can even make some cool ottomans out of the leftover drawers.

5. Sometimes those vases just don’t keep their former pizazz. You can renew their purpose by creating some cool lamps.

6. Let’s face it, wooden stools aren’t that comfortable and often aren’t very aesthetic. How about repurposing them into something that can assist home aesthetics from now on? This DIY can help you turn that proverbial frown upside down, and into a craft and tool holder.

7. Old drawers aren’t the only way to create pleasing ottomans. You can retread some old tires with this DIY for a similar purpose.

8. So what about that old dresser that got turned into a bench (or who knows what else by the end of this)? What if you don’t need four ottomans from the left over drawers? How about some cool and decorative shelves to cover bare walls?

9. As you may have noticed from other posted articles, wooden pallets can do anything. Here’s a DIY for using them to create a rustic cooler that will bring some extra “chill factor” to your patio.

10. Transform an old, ugly wooden bed frame into a bench with these straightforward instructions.

11. You can turn unnecessary kitchen chairs into an awesome bench with this DIY.

12. Want to create that dresser bench but your old dresser looks nothing like the previous example? See if this DIY does the job for you.

13. Frame your photos in style with a rustic, multi glass door. Here’s how.

14. So now you have your own flower bed and no longer need that potting bench. You can now create this stylish outdoor bar to complement the rustic cooler from earlier.

15. I sure hope you never lose your grand piano to wear and tear. If you do, however, here’s another grand purpose it can serve in your home.

16. There are nightstands, and there are nightstand wonders.

17. If you need a nightstand that is a little simpler and sturdier, you could do one like this.

18. Create a great place for people to sit and read by turning bookshelves into reading benches. Here’s how.

19. First comes the house, and then comes children (or vice versa). As your baby grows, there are ways to repurpose the crib for different times in their younger years. Here are 10 steps to turn the crib into a toddler’s loft bed.

20. When they can no longer fit the loft bed, you can turn their cot into a table for their first years of learning.

21. You can even use the crib siding to hold plates for years to come.

22. Eventually, your kid is going to need a place to play Legos. Help them keep their creations standing with this DIY Lego table.

23. Since dressers come in all shapes and sizes, and you may have left over pieces after some of these DIYs, here is another idea for turning a dresser into a cozy, multipurpose pet bed.

24. Sometimes you want an outdoor bench that is cozy, simple, and stylish. How about a French style bench made from old chairs? Here’s the DIY.

25. If by some miracle you still have an outdated dresser at this point, you can turn that bad boy into a vanity that will add value to your home in a very unique way. Check out the DIY here.

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