8 Signs That You Were Destined to Work in Real Estate

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Very few people are lucky enough to know what they want to do from a young age and even fewer are fortunate enough to see their dream through. You might have wanted to become an astronaut when you were 4 years old, but the chances that you’re currently orbiting earth in the International State Station are fairly slim.

But what we think we want to do and what we’re destined to do aren’t always the same thing. Many real estate agents try various professions before they find their true calling. There’s an old saying, “A (wo)man does what he can, until his true calling is revealed.” Here are eight signs that you were destined to work as a real estate agent:

1. You’re very responsive to people and their needs

Is there anything better than a responsive real estate agent? Actually, is there anything worse than a non-responsive one? If you’re in tune with people’s needs, and respond quickly to help solve their problems, you’ll probably make a great agent. And if this is an intrinsic part of your character, then perhaps you were destined to become one.

2. You love exploring

If you get a high from driving to new areas and discovering places you’ve never been before, then you might be destined for real estate. Finding yourself down a windy road you never knew existed or coming across a tucked-away home in the middle of nowhere usually comes with the job, and if your heart beats faster when you’re exploring, real estate might be your destiny.

3. You’re not overly judgmental

To be a successful agent, you need to be discerning, but you can’t be judgmental. People have different tastes, live their lives in different ways, and need an advisor they can trust, not one that looks down on them for their decisions. A great agent can work with hippies, businesspeople, and everyone in between without letting their personal opinions get in the way.

4. You have a deep appreciation for architecture and design

There are those of us who like homes, and those of us who live for them. If you find yourself regularly craning your neck like an owl to get a look at a house you just drove past, or take drives through neighborhoods you love just to feel all of the feelings, then your destiny might be more clear than you think.

5. You don’t give up easily

Persistence and grit are important in real estate. No one becomes an overnight success, and committing to the career and taking a step and seeing the big picture every now and then is very important. Those who see things through and don’t give up at the first sign of adversity are destined to become agents. Those looking for the “quick-fix,” usually aren’t.

6. You love living by your own rules

If answering to a supervisor seven days a week makes you physically cringe, then you might be cut from the real estate cloth. Being an agent means freedom from being chained to a desk all day, out on the open road, making your own rules. Some of us just can’t have it any other way.

7. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there

One of the more difficult things for newer agents to adjust to is self-promotion. Without marketing, it’s very hard to become a successful agent. Putting your face on business cards, websites, and flyers takes a certain level of fearlessness, and it’s important to feel comfortable enough in your own skin and have enough faith in yourself to get out there and do it. If it comes naturally to you, it’s one less hurdle you’ll have to overcome.

8. You see things for what they could be

Those whose destiny lies in the industry don’t look at things just for what they are. They look at what things could be. A run-down home in a great area can be imagined as a idyllic place to raise a family after a little elbow grease. A client looking in one neighborhood can have their eyes opened to another area, one that’s even better than the one they’ve been fixated on. Those whose destiny it is to become a real estate agent can imagine things that are better than what they are now.

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