9 Surefire Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Home

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When you first moved into your house, you probably felt like the king or queen of your castle. But over time, as you began to accumulate everything from furnishings and appliances to children and pets, your home may seem to have shrunk.

While the square footage hasn’t changed, your living space has likely undergone a significant downsizing with so many other people and things fighting for house room.

Wondering if there’s a move in your immediate future? Check out these 9 signs you’ve outgrown your home.

1. Your stairs double as shelving.


If you’re lacking counter or drawer space, you may resort to using your staircase as a place to stash everything from toys and shoes to books and junk mail. While it’s tempting to take advantage of this otherwise-wasted area, you’re increasing your chances of falling — especially when you’re in a hurry. Don’t do it!

2. You’re forced to host your Super Bowl party in shifts.


Sure, it’d be nice to have all your friends over for a visit at the same time, but there’s nowhere to sit and soon it’s louder than a Rage Against the Machine concert. In other words, it’s not pleasant for anyone. Don’t lose half your friends just because you can’t fit them in your place.

3. The line for your toilet reminds you of Lollapalooza.


Anyone with a family and one bathroom will tell you the whole situation stinks. (Pun intended.) Especially as kids approach their teen years and showering is no longer considered a punishment, needing another bathroom becomes imperative.

4. You think of your car as a closet on wheels.


Short on closet space? It can force you to get creative. But keeping your toiletries and shoes in your car is no way to live. If you’ve gone out to your mini-van in pajamas in search of more toothpaste, it’s time to start looking for a new home (with plenty of closets!).

5. Sending the kids to a boarding preschool is sounding better and better.


Sure, you’ll miss the little guys, but, hey, you’ll see them at the holidays, right? Just make sure they take all their toys, games, and stuffed animals with them.

6. When you hear friends are visiting from out of town, you feel faint.


Though you may not have considered yourself claustrophobic in the past, if the thought of more people staying under your roof makes you woozy, it’s probably time for a bigger place.

7. You’ve begun to envy your pooch’s luxurious accommodations.


Maybe being “in the doghouse” isn’t that bad after all. If your dog looks more comfortable than you do, you’ve got an issue.

8. Your home’s endearing features are losing their charm.


What you once thought of as clever and quirky, now just seems flat out annoying. Murphy beds, we’re looking at you.

9. You’ll go anywhere… but home.


Lingering longer at the gym? Last one to leave the office? Letting friends and family know you’re available for Thanksgiving when it’s only August? If you’ll do anything to avoid going back to your cramped abode, it’s time to pack up and move along.

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