People On Pinterest Are Going Wild Over These ‘Barndominiums’

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By now you’ve probably seen all the crazy conversions people are doing (i.e. she sheds and pub sheds), but are you ready for THIS?

Barndominiums — metal homes with inside living quarters — are becoming increasingly popular. This latest fad, has been trending across social media; especially on Pinterest. Of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Pinterest recently included barndominiums on a list of the top searches for men.

These converted barns and metal structures are durable, easy to convert and can be remodeled into beautiful homes, workshops and entertainment rooms. Take a look at just a few examples of what can be done with these unique buildings.

1. This simple barn has been converted into a beautiful home with spacious outdoor seating area.

2. Here’s an amazing example of what can be done to refresh and update these old barns turning them into stunning living spaces.

3. This image shows one of the BIG advantages of a barndominium. SPACE!!

4. Modeled in a rustic/log cabin motif, this example looks more like a ski lodge than an old pole barn!

5. Once a place for livestock, this barn has turned into a luxurious country mansion!

6. Nothing says grand entrance, like a grand entrance!

7. Where horses and hay were once housed, barndominiums convert those areas into three car garages.

8. Pinterest, where the structures are trending heavily, is full of floor plans for those that intend to flip one of these barns.

9. Rich interiors abound inside of these refreshed country buildings.

10. If you want to keep a rustic look on the exterior, it will just add to the nuance of your barndominium.

Looking for pre-designed barn home kits? We found a couple of places for you to check out: here and here.

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