Porch Envy Is So Real It Has Its Own Hashtag

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As the old song goes, “It’s summertime and livin’s easy…” It’s even easier (and a bit more pleasant) if you have a porch. Aside from increasing your home’s charm factor, this amenity offers you an outdoor space where you can relax or entertain depending on the day and your preferences.

But just because you’ve got one that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making the most of it. If your porch isn’t living up to its full potential, perhaps you just need a little inspiration.

Check out these covetable spots that explain why porch envy is a popular hashtag. Go ahead, pour a tall glass of lemonade, you’re going to want to sit and savor this one.

Peace and quiet

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This bohemian chic porch looks warm and inviting yet pretty chill at the same time. That chair swing could quickly become your favorite summertime hangout. You’ve gotta love this ivy wall for the privacy it provides.

Outdoor dining room

If just the thought of al fresco dining makes you hungry and you’ve got the room, adding a table and chairs will transform your porch into the best outdoor café in town. You won’t want to dine indoors again until your food gets cold. Very cold.

A porch with a view

There are few things as soothing as an ocean view. If you’ve got one, you can keep your furniture as minimalist as you like and focus entirely on the seascape.

Evening elegance

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Porches aren’t only popular during the daylight hours. With the help of lights and candles, you can enjoy this space well past dusk. Fluffy blankets and pillows make it warm and welcoming even when temperatures drop. Battery-operated candles eliminate fire-hazard concerns and add a cozy feel on the windiest days.

Swing time

Swings and porches are a match made in heaven. Talk about the ultimate in luxury, this bed swing practically screams, “Nap time!”. A lamp brings a touch of the indoors outside and allows you to read or play board games long after the sun sets.

Host a crowd

The right set-up offers you ample seating, so rather than hide out inside all day, you and your guests can enjoy fresh air in a serene setting. If you can’t fit a dining table, a smaller one will works well for hors d’oeuvres and light snacks.

Small but stunning

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Just because you’re pressed for space, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Plants and an outdoor area rug pretty up even the most petite places.

Simple yet chic

This porch proves you don’t need a lot of decoration to create an inviting space. A lush plant paired with a plush carpet take this area from plain to perfect pretty quickly.

Rock ‘n’ roll

Rocking chairs have always found a welcome home on a porch. They’re synonymous with good storytelling and the simplicity that most strive for all summer long.

The good stuff

Up your comfort factor by bringing indoor furniture outside. Ceiling fans keep those balmy breezes circulating while draperies offer privacy and style.


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If you want to add a pop of color without painting your house, focus on the floor. Choose a hue that complements your home and your furnishings and watch the space come to life.

Winter inspiration

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Long after the warm weather ends, you can still savor those perfect porch moments by adding the element of fire. Swap out your lemonade for s’mores and you’re all set.

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