Soldier Builds A 6-Foot Wide House To Get Revenge On His Greedy Brother

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You’ve probably heard the term “spite houses.” These are iconic homes built in normally unorthodox ways just to spite someone else. Ironically, these homes usually become places of significant intrigue long after the feud has passed.

Boston has one such home known as “The Skinny House.” Located at 44 Hull St, at the north end of Boston, Massachusetts, this place has become home to Jennifer Simonic and her husband Spencer Welton. They took the three story, 30 foot by 6.2 foot home and made it their own cozy nesting place.

They’ve been there for years already, and judging by the fact they had to move the couch in through the upstairs window (the only entrance is an alleyway that could make a tomcat claustrophobic), they will likely be there for many more to come.

While there is no verified history as to who built the house and why, there are two main urban legends:

One is that a soldier and his brother inherited the land from their deceased father. While the soldier was at war, his greedy brother built a very large house, leaving so little space he thought for sure the other brother would not use it. The soldier came back and decided to build a house in the left over space, ruining his greedy brother’s view. Neither brother has been named in this story.

The second legend is that someone built it in order to shut out light and air for a hostile neighbor. Again, neither neighbor has been named, but it is said that the home was likely built sometime after 1874.

While the history of this home maybe shrouded in intriguing mystery, the home itself is impressive on its own. Enjoy the following video, and remember to be nice to your neighbors!

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