24 Ways To Disguise Your Home’s Ugliest Eyesores

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When it comes to selling real estate, the one thing most commonly missed by sellers are the random little things that add ugly points to the showings. Even if it has nothing to do with the house itself, a “simple” tangle of cords or even a utility box can put a clinch in the potential buyer’s gut. On the flip side, anything that adds a sense of style, adventure, and feelings of coziness will only improve the odds of sweeping the buyer off their feet. With these DIYs and clever products, you can maximize the little things which help ensure smoother selling ahead.

1. Nothing says a maddening mess like a bunch of ugly cords. Here are some artful boxes you can use to stash them away.

2. Are there any areas of your home ruined by tacky popcorn finish or water stains? With this DIY you can use scarves and tapestries to turn that mess into something breathtaking.

3. Outdated vinyl chairs are not beyond hope. All you need are some specialty spray paints and this DIY for a little furniture plastic surgery.

4. Another way to manage a jungle of power cords? Use metal hooks and surge protectors to help ensure your work station won’t feel like a virtual obstacle course. Here’s how.

5. With this nightstand you can keep your lovable companion nearby for those early morning wakeup calls.

6. Whether it’s avoiding having to pick up trash scattered by the wind, or preventing an overflow from rain, this weather safe storage bin is right for those homes in turbulent climates.

7. Sometimes paint or standard wallpaper just doesn’t do your adventurous spirit justice. You can take some time to pin up maps to bring the theme home.

8. And oldie but goodie DIY for thermostats. With a nice piece of art and some hinges you can make these common eyesores disappear in a hurry.

9. Rolling systems are the primo way to hide your trash and recycling in an easily manageable space.

10. Laminate countertops can be just as visually appealing as granite with the right paint kit.

11. There is no end to the importance of an organized bathroom when showing the home. You can use stylish hanging stations to ensure the job is done right.

12. Another old trick that never gets old is to use stainless steel contact paper to upgrade the look of your kitchen appliances.

13. Ikea bookcases can be fashionably spruced up with some molding, trim, and tasteful paint application.

14. Tired of the old “boob lights.” Drum Pendants are a great way to refashion your disgruntled ceiling.

15. You can turn removable wire shelving into floating wood shelves with a little careful crafting. Here’s how.

16. If hiding wires doesn’t appeal to you, how about turning them into wall art with some tastefully added bloom clips?.

17. Do you have a door that can’t seem to avoid dings and scratches? With some chalkboard paint, you can cover the damage and decorate however you like. Here’s a DIY demonstrated on a door to the garage.

18. Stained concrete and ugly patio flooring can be rather challenging to replace. Make it easy to style it up with the artistic application of a drop cloth and some well-placed paint.

19. You know that cartoon bit where a light switch goes off over someone’s head when they have a great idea or realization? This Mod Podge DIY will bring you as close as you can get.

20. Those old fashioned folding chairs are, well, old fashioned. How about a makeover with a DIY for repainting and reupholstering?

21. Use a roll of artificial ivy to bring some green goodness to an otherwise harsh looking chain link fence.

22. If your fireplace is brassed most dire, here’s a clever DIY for creating the ambiance you desire.

23. Do those exposed screws on your Ikea shelf mock your stylish eye? The remedy you need is paint stir sticks, the paint colors of your choice, and this DIY.

24. The only time a utility box should be seen is when it is being read. PERIOD! This is an assured thing with a pallet, a decoration of your choice, and some handy instructions for a removable box cover.

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