Cheapskate Husband Shrink-Wraps Home To Preserve Its Value, Wife Not Impressed

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What would you do to keep your home clean? Some people tackle their cleaning chores on a daily basis to fight back the growing mess, while others do just enough to keep their home off of an episode of ‘Hoarders’. This recently divorced man has taken keeping his house clean to the next level by doing something that most people wouldn’t even think to do. He completely wrapped it in plastic wrap.

Todd Moriarty, a recent divorcee, is trying to keep his house completely clean so that he can sell his home on the local market at his asking price of $280,000. The average price homes in the area sell for is $250,000. Moriarty feels by coating everything in many acres of Saran Wrap, he can bolster the home’s value over others in the area. He’s completely wrapped everything in the house from the bannisters to the walls. He’s even gone as far as sealing off two of the three toilets in the house with the stuff you’d generally use to keep your sandwiches in your lunch fresh.

While Moriarty attributes the wrapping frenzy to adding to the home’s value and keeping it clean, his estranged wife, Stephanie, feels that this out-of-the-ordinary act stems from her ex-husband’s tight-fisted ways. Moriarty seems to agree with her that he errs on the side of cheapness when it comes to his lifestyle. He even goes so far as to sleep in his closet so he doesn’t have to heat the master bedroom in the pristine house.

If ever you visit Moriarty’s house, just make sure you burp the front door like a Tupperware lid when you leave to preserve the freshness.


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